December 11, 2006

Underclass entertainment

Just a couple events from the last few days. A Bishop was mugged on his way home from a church event. They grabbed is phone, breifcase, even his glasses. Or maybe he was just drunk, again, and fell over. Then in Henley-on-Thames a man kicked to death just yards from on a police station. "A shopkeeper said a CCTV camera is trained on the spot where the attack happened.". The police finally dragged themselves away from their desks after being informed about the murder going on under their noses. They where, of course, too late. One of the youths has now been arrested and may even one day be prosecuted. Maybe.

Some predictions. The killers will live in council houses, they will not be at school, nor will not be working, nobody in their immediate family will work. They will claim poverty but seem to have plenty of money for designer goods and drinking.

There will be many explanations floated for their behaviour. It will be caused by poverty, by family break down, by low esteme. But you will hear nothing through any mainstream chanel that the reason is they are horrible little scrotes that kill because they enjoy it having no understanding of the value of human life, and no fear of the consequences of their actions. And given that they could kill a man just yards from a police station this lack of any fear of the authorities is completely justified.


Blogger Raw Carrot said...

Apparently the ambulance took 25 minutes to arrive at the scene.

As for your predictions, I am sure you will not be far off the mark.

Indeed, they will no doubt have criminal records already. If they are caught and charged, they will no doubt confess to a load of other offences to be "taken into consideration" so that whatever pithy sentence they do receive will cover all 100+ offences they have previously committed, thereby, in the CPS' own lingo, "wiping the slate clean".

Britain is (apologies for the candour of my langauge) a shithole.

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